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If you have a successful business track record or you are prepared
to play an active role in setting up and running new
enterprises in your chosen destination, then this
could be the most suitable route to pursue.
Particularly if you have reached the stage in life
where you want more control over your own

A new life abroad will guide you through the complexities of
business migration to identify the most cost
effective route which best meets your needs - and which gives your application the best possible chance of success

We will introduce you to professional advisors, Brokers and Financiers with extensive experience of your new country. You will be provided with the right level of support to give your new venture the best possible chance of success.

We will assist you to produce the comprehensive documentation required to justify the relevant aspects of your business, particularly in relation to your visa application.

However, not in all cases do you need to set up, transfer or purchase a business to be classified as a Business Migrant. We will look closely at your experience and achievements to see whether, in your chosen country, there may be a route that will meet with your aspirations but at the same time minimise any financial risk.

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