VisaPlus emigration consultants can advise on all aspects of migration including immigration laws.

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The Emigration Process

A new life abroad is a desire shared by many, but achieved by surprisingly few. This is mainly because people simply do not know where to start, or because they try to proceed without understanding the difficulties involved in such a decision, and how to overcome them.

There are four important factors and decisions to overcome when deciding to move overseas.

1. Where do we want to go, which countries can we go to and which visa will give me/us the best chance of qualifying?

We will identify the best route to achieving your new life abroad, taking into account your unique personal circumstances, and identify the visa or work permit that will meet your objectives.

2. Getting that visa - not easy when you consider that Embassy officials are Border Guards not Tourist Guides and actively look for ways to turn down your visa application.

We will present your case positively and accurately to Embassy officials and progress all aspects of your visa application.

3. Business issues.

If you wish to pursue other options, such as self-employment, setting up a business or making a visa-qualifying investment, we will provide all the advisory and practical assistance you'll need.

4. Domestic and personal matters:- finance, education, children, possessions, pets etc.

From our expert knowledge of relocating people overseas we will make certain that every other aspect of your move overseas goes smoothly and successfully.

We at A new life abroad can help you through each of the steps with a carefully designed process which takes advantage of all our expert knowledge on emigration and relocation.

To get through step 1, we'd like you to complete the A new life abroad Appraisal.

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