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Not all categories of migration are related to
business or employment.

If you are willing to make certain types of
visa-qualifying investment, or if you are simply
prepared to transfer a sum of money to your chosen
country for a specified period of time, you may be
eligible for entry, regardless of your age or career
background. So this could well be your best course
of action if you have no desire to work in your new
country, or if you are retired or approaching retirement.

A new life abroad's knowledge of different countries' investment-linked migration policies and threshold requirements will be invaluable in helping you to establish the best way forward.

Your capital will need to be tied up in order for you to qualify for certain categories of visa - and at how totally secure your investment can be when larger sums are required.

A new life abroad will provide you with the facts that will enable you to choose the investment that is not only right for you financially but, most importantly, that meets with the requirements of your visa.

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