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Obtaining a visa that entitles you to live and work in a different country is far from being a straight forward process.

Most countries have numerous categories of visas or permits providing legal entrance and residence, all dependent on individual circumstances. It's important to apply for the one that will best meet your objectives.

Timing can be crucial
Countries often impose quotas to regulate the number of people arriving in the country. So your application could be turned down simply because you applied at the wrong time.

Even some of the most carefully prepared visa applications can be rejected for seemingly the slightest of reasons. Embassy officials are under no obligation to explain why an application has been rejected, so you could easily find yourself turned down without understanding why and unable to rectify the situation. Above all, it's important to realise that it is the embassy official's job to look for reasons to reject -not accept - your application! Also the success of your application may depend on the pass or pool mark in force at the time your application is assessed - not at the time it is lodged.

These are some of the reasons why so many people who wish to live abroad turn to A new life abroad. We know each country's immigration legislation back to front. Not just as it relates to employment, but as it relates to all the categories of migration permitted by each government - many of which are not public knowledge. So our recommended route may be one which you had not contemplated - or even thought possible!

Up to the minute knowledge
We constantly monitor amendments to immigration law. So we will be aware of changes to points systems, or the introduction of new quotas that may influence the timing of your application.

Specialist visa team
Our visa specialists here at A new life abroad have a wealth of expertise in the preparation of visa applications, allowing us to present the facts about you in the most favourable manner. This can make the difference between your application being rejected and obtaining approval within your desired timescale. If the success of your visa application rests on an offer of employment, we will liaise with your future employer so that the job you obtain meets the requirements of your visa. If you need to comply with any other regulations - such as the need for licensing or accreditation by a professional or trade body - we will prepare all the necessary paperwork on your behalf.

A new life abroad is uniquely qualified to evaluate the options available to you personally - and to provide you with the means of exploiting them.

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