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A new life abroad is a world wide relocation specialist with extensive experience of assisting individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and occupations with all aspects of starting new lives abroad.

We have harnessed this expertise to provide the corporate market with cost-effective solutions to some of the chief areas of concern for any organisation that sends employees on international assignments - or that is involved in recruiting candidates from overseas.

Organisations around the world are expanding their international operations and sending growing numbers of employees on overseas assignments. Transferring staff across national boundaries gives rise to many complex and time-consuming tasks that must be performed. Tasks that are vital to the success of international assignments, but which the majority of organisations have neither the expertise nor the resources to handle in-house.

A new life abroad is an established worldwide relocation specialist with extensive experience of assisting people from all backgrounds and occupations to achieve new lives abroad - securing their visas and permits and assisting with many other aspects of relocating overseas.

We possess an in-depth knowledge of the immigration law of each country and region. Our lawyers are highly experienced in the preparation and submission of applications for all types of visas and work permits - including intra-company transfers. This breadth of experience makes us ideally equipped to handle the time-consuming preparation and submission of intra-company transfers, visas and permits on behalf of corporate clients who are sending employees on international assignments - or who are involved in recruiting candidates from overseas.

Companies that face growing challenges caused by partner career issues will find our services of particular value. This is because the vast majority of our private clients need to find employment in their new countries - indeed, in many cases the success of their visa application will depend on it.

So our involvement has always extended beyond the visa itself. We advise clients on the likely demand for their skills and experience in their destinations. Where necessary, we arrange "credentials evaluations" to ensure that clients' qualifications will be recognised by local employers. We notify clients of any additional regulations that are specific to their occupation, such as the need for licensing or accreditation by a professional or trade body - and help them to comply. Once clients receive an offer of employment, we liaise with their future employer to ensure that any visa criteria relating to the job offer are complied with.

A new life abroad can also assist with many of the other relocation issues that arise from transferring staff across national boundaries - such as home and school searches, cross-cultural training and even removals and transportation.

So if your organisation sends employees abroad, our involvement could take a huge administrative burden off your shoulders - and help to resolve some of the partner career issues that are increasingly proving a barrier to the success of international assignments. It goes without saying that we will take care of all the necessary visa and permit applications for employees' partners and children.

And in cases where the partner wishes to continue his or her career in their new country, our involvement will be invaluable. For a start, they will need a different category of visa or permit. Then there will be a whole range of other issues to address. They may need a credentials evaluation, to ensure that their qualifications will be recognised by local employers. Depending on their occupation, they may also need to be licensed or accredited by a professional or trade body before they are permitted to take up employment. Then they will need to find a job. In fact, the right offer of employment could be essential to the success of their application.

To achieve this, they will need information on the current employment market in their destination in order to establish where their skills and experience may be in demand. Then they will have to identify suitable opportunities with local employers. No easy task from thousands of miles away! They may not realise that the accepted format for CVs/résumés differs considerably from one country to another. Or that prospective employers require reassurance that they themselves will not need to become involved in visa hassles.

With A new life abroad on the case, all these aspects will be addressed. We will tailor partners CV/résumé to the requirements of local employers. We will provide advice on performance at interview stage, if required. Then we will liaise with their new employer to ensure that the job offer and accompanying contractual documentation meets the requirements of their visa.

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