A new life abroad are specialists in migration relocation services and can help secure visa, green card or work permit and also advise on immigration laws.

Relocation organisations traditionally work for companies that are relocating to different
regions or countries.

A new life abroad was initially established to assist private individuals who would like to try life in a
different country. Individuals who have no desire whatsoever to attempt to comprehend and
interpret the complex immigration legislation of their chosen country or countries, nor to tackle the paperwork and bureaucracy that is involved in the visa application process. They simply want new lives abroad as quickly and easily as possible.

A new life abroad has helped all kinds of people to achieve this ambition. Our service has broadened to encompass a whole range of advisory and practical assistance required by clients to help
them prepare for their new lives. Whether clients plan to work for an overseas employer,
operate on a self-employed basis, set up their own businesses or spend their retirement abroad, A new life abroad has the experience to resolve all the issues that need to be addressed. The demand for our unique service has grown year on year. Today there are A new life abroad clients enjoying new
lifestyles in all parts of the world.

Corporate affairs
We also have many corporate clients who wish to out-source the burdensome task of
organising visas and permits for staff.

In addition at A new life abroad we can assist employees' partners in obtaining visas to continue their careers in their new countries.

emigration discussions
preparing for relocation
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