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US immigration legislation can
be bewildering for would-be migrants.
You are faced with over 100 different
kinds of visa to choose from -
only one of which is likely to be
exactly right for you!

Furthermore, most classes of
visa are restricted by a quota,
which limits the number of people
that will be accepted each year.

The US permanent residence visa is
known as the "Green Card", which
identifies the holder as a permanent resident
of the US. Green Cards in certain categories can be obtained fairly quickly.

In other categories, even if you have the strongest qualifications possible, it can still take months or years to obtain one because of quotas.

You can qualify for a Green Card through employment, although all categories are limited by quotas. You will need a job offer from a US employer and the correct background in terms of experience, training and education for the job you have been offered. The US government will also need to be satisfied that there are no qualified American workers available and willing to take the specific job that has been offered to you. Certain occupations - such as Nursing - may have special categories of visas which lead to Green Cards.

Your country of origin may make you eligible for getting a Green Card through the "lottery", a category that was introduced to encourage ethnic diversity in the US population. Or you could qualify for a Green Card through investment, if you are prepared to invest funds in creating a new US business or expanding one that already exists.

If you have family connections with the US, this will certainly help your visa application. We will fully explore this possibility on your behalf.

But a Green Card is not the only route to a new life in the US. It may be best to obtain a temporary visa first and then reconsider your long-term objectives once you are in the USA. You can then make a Green Card application if you want to stay permanently. There are numerous kinds of non-immigrant, or temporary, visas. Unlike Green Cards, which are identical once allocated, temporary visas differ from each other in the benefits they offer, as well as how long they last. Most importantly, your application will be processed much faster if your intention is not to take up permanent residence right from the start. Their dependent on your personal circumstances, we may be able to identify other routes to gaining entry to the US, even if you do not wish to work.

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