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Although New Zealand is regarded primarily
as an agricultural country, farming and
forestry employ directly only about a
tenth of the labour force; with the
remainder employed manufacturing
and the service industries.

The majority of New Zealanders continue
to enjoy a very high standard of living
although real disposable incomes have
fallen in recent years.

Only a very small proportion of people
have incomes that are far above or far
below the national average New wealth has
been created by the newly booming economy.

Business visitors should wear a suit (and tie for men) for formal meetings. Handshaking both on meeting and departure is the normal form of greeting, unless of course you are greeting a Maori where it is custom to rub noses (hongi) and greet each other with a warm "Kiora" which means welcome.

Appointments are necessary and business cards are used. Punctuality for business meetings is appreciated. The approach to business tends to be conservative but normal with first names being used after the initial introduction. Very few executives speak a second language.

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