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If you want to work in Canada, you'll need a good education,
as well as employment skills that are currently in
demand there. We will need to
ensure that your occupation
appears on the Occupations List
published by the Canadian
government, which changes from
time to time.

We will also need to show that
you have met any trade or
professional licensing requirements
to follow your intended occupation
in Canada. A job offer from a
Canadian employer will
dramatically increase your
chances of success.

You should be able to communicate in either English or in French, to enable easy integration into the Canadian community. Over 98% of the population speaks either language - or both. Personal suitability will also be taken into account. This refers to adaptability, motivation, initiative and resourcefulness, which are considered essential to enable you to settle successfully in Canada.

Perhaps you would prefer to work for yourself. Would you consider establishing or buying your own business in Canada, or investing in a business or commercial venture over there? If so, you may qualify for business migration. You will, of course, need to demonstrate an ability to become successfully established in your occupation or business in Canada - as well as meeting many of the requirements outlined above.

Even if you do not want to work when you arrive, you may qualify for investment migration. The Canadian government is keen to attract immigrant investment to small and medium-sized businesses - even if the investors themselves have no desire to play an active role in themanagement of those businesses.

If you have any family connections in Canada, this could certainly help with your visa application. We will fully explore this possibility on your behalf.

Like most countries, Canada's immigration law is complex and much of it is based on units of assessment, which are awarded against each of the criteria that must be met. It is vital to ensure that you apply in the category that provides you with the best opportunity for a successful application.

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