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The wide open spaces of Canada make it a haven
for outdoor pursuits and activities. In British
Columbia the sheltered west coast is a
magnet for Sea Kayakers and the
Rocky Mountains give a long
season to winter sports.
Ice-hockey plays a major part
in the sporting features list and
now over 500,000 Canadian
youngsters participate in this
sport at one level or another.
Golf is a firm favourite as are
the ski resorts where people
often quote that there is plenty
of room to develop more facilities
- what they don't understand is
that there is simply not enough
manpower to develop them.

1995 saw the World Bank nominate Canadians as
the second wealthiest people after Australians - a combination of natural resources, productive assets and human resources led to the award. But it's not only the World Bank that has heaped honours on the country.

1999 saw the sixth consecutive year that the United Nations Human Development report named Canada as providing its residents with the world's best quality of life. A prestigious award assess factors that include life expectancy, income levels, health, education and gender improvement.

Canadian cuisine differs greatly in a country where the ingredients are freshly grown and in abundance. The coastal provinces specialise in seafood with the Pacific delivering some of the best seafood on the continent. Off Newfoundland the cold Atlantic waters provide the local restaurants with ample supply of the highest quality ingredients. The prairie provinces provide some superb cattle grazing territory for home-grown beef, look out on some restaurant menu's for Buffalo and Elk. Quebec guided by the French has adopted its native cuisine and owns many first class French restaurants that have spun off to the rest of the country.

Property prices fluctuate enormously and as you would expect, Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa properties are amoungst the most sought after and most expensive with Manitoba and Saskatchwan the cheapest.

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