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Canadians' attitude to work is much removed from their southerly neighbours and tends to fit in their framework of life
rather than directing it.

Employment trends are steadily growing according to the
International Monetary fund and are set to continue on
this upward spiral.

As Canada's geography changes so do the employment
situations and as nearly 80% of Canadians live in its major
cities (Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa) so the majority of jobs
are to be found there. The traditional businesses that are
drawn to the cities are in evidence in all the states capitals
but some areas are better known for individual industries.

New Brunswick is set up for manufacturing, fishing
and agricultural industries. Montreal may not be the
capital of the French speaking Quebec sector but
is among world leaders, along with Saskatchewan, when it comes to space and aeronautics and has a strong hand in telecommunications and energy. Toronto is where engineers will be drawn to with its long line of automobile factories.

Alberta is farming country and as you can imagine has a wealth of ripe agricultural land with its vast prairies and forests. Vancouver is fast becoming a magnet for film producers where a number of TV series and major feature films are being shot. Finance and Tourism also play a major role in the capital of British Columbia. The rest of the province it is known as one of the world's leading producers of timber.

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