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Like the United States, Canada is
a country that was born of
immigrants seeking a better lifestyle.
Immigrants have historically
made up a substantial proportion
of the Canadian population. In
1991, for example, 16% of the
population were immigrants.

The immigrant population,
however, is very diverse;
immigrants come from a wide
variety of countries and, as a
result, have different histories,
cultures and economic backgrounds.
You'll find a diverse amount of creeds
and cultures all mixed into one.
Vancouver is an example of this melting pot of civilisations with heavy influences from the British Isles, India and China whereas Quebec was born from France and French is the native tongue there.

All public signs in Canada have English and French translations which tends to reflect the history of Canada which has been under both British and French rule.

The people tend to be somewhat friendlier and more sincere then those from the United States. It's not unusual to be greeted by total strangers who don't seem to be able to do enough for you, particularly in the smaller townships of the provinces.

Lifestyle and recreation is very similar to those of the United States - from restaurant chains to shopping outlets there is very little difference between the two countries.

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