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If you want to work in Australia, you will
need skills or business abilities
that will contribute to the
country's economic growth. You
will need to pass a points test,
which will assess you on the
basis of skill (qualifications and
experience in your occupation),
age and language abilities,
amongst other factors. Good
English is essential for most
occupations in Australia, if you
are to find a job to match your
skills and qualifications.

Australian labour market conditions vary significantly from time to time and between regions. Each occupation receives a "Labour Market Rating", which is regularly reviewed by each State and Territory Government. Bear in mind that if you are willing to live outside major metropolitan centres, your application will stand a greater chance of success, because the Australian Government promotes a special scheme to help fill regional skill shortages.

For many jobs in Australia, applicants must be eligible for membership of a professional or industry organisation and/or be able to be registered with an Australian state authority before they can work in their occupation. We will need to ascertain whether any such restrictions apply in your case.

Perhaps you would prefer to work for yourself, managing a business in Australia? If you have experience of running a successful business or substantial investment portfolio, or a track record as a senior executive in a large company, you may qualify on this basis.

If you have any family connections in Australia, this could certainly help with your visa application. We will fully explore this possibility on your behalf.

It is up to us to find a way of ensuring that you score sufficient points to reach the pass mark. But if you do not, all is not necessarily lost. Provided that you reach what is termed the "pool" mark, your application will be held in reserve for up to 24 months after it is assessed, in case a newer, lower, pass mark is set - or your circumstances change.

Be careful, though. The Australian Government varies the pool and pass marks from time to time in order to regulate the number of people arriving in Australia. You must reach the pass or pool mark in force at the time your application is assessed by the migration office, not when your application is lodged! So the timing of your application could be critical.

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