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If you had the impression that all Australians are beer-swilling Les Patterson lookalikes with hats surrounded by corks then think again. Australia is a multicultural race where over 140 different cultures are represented. This melting-pot of civilisations has given rise to a race of new Australians.

Multiculturalism is being encouraged by the government, the idea being that new blood is good for the country and leads to new ideas; immigrants (one in four people is either a first or second generation settler) are not required to assimilate, but rather to keep their own identity. Radio and TV programmers are broadcast in 57 languages and there are any number of 'ethnic' publications available.

Australians are very much an outdoor people, with alfresco dining and spectator sports occupying a large part of leisure time. However, just as many people nowadays go to galleries and museums as to sporting events. Live theatre, music, the arts, crafts etc. are flourishing in both major cities and smaller towns.In recent years Australians have acquired a greater sense of national identity and pride in their country. An increasing number support the Australian Republic Movement whose aim is to sever links with the UK Crown. Despite closer economic and tourist links with Southeast Asia, few Australians consider their country as part of Asia.

The People
The total population of Australia is almost 18 million. Around 10 million live in the south-eastern states of New South Wales and Victoria. Eighty per cent live within 30 km of the sea.The vast majority of the people are of European heritage; most of the early settlers came from Britain but since the Second World War immigrants have been accepted from many parts of the world and the major cities, in particular, are now cosmopolitan. (The White Australian Policy was abandoned in the early 1970s). Australian has accepted around half a million people as refugees since 1945. The main non-European ethnic minorities come from Hong Kong, Vietnam, China, the Philippines, Malaysia, India and Sri Lanka. The Aboriginal people number some 250,000.

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